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Our youth projects

MGT offers a variety of youth work activities, and services for young people aged 11-19 in the Mutley, Greenbank, Lipson, Mount Gould and St. Judes areas
Mutley Greenbank Ambassadors


Goal: To bring young people and older generations together to create a more integrated, self-reliant and cohesive community.


Purpose: To provide opportunities for young people to volunteer and design and deliver social action projects which benefit themselves, their peers and the wider communities.

The MGA group programme offers young people the opportunity to become Peer Leaders and volunteers within our youth work delivery. It delivers in-house training and volunteering opportunities while providing them with a ‘voice’ in their community through a programme of social action led by young people.


Our main focus includes:

  • Young people developing a sense of place, belonging and pride in their community.

  • Improving mental health and wellbeing among our young people.

  • Building their capacity and confidence, in readiness for apprenticeships, further and higher education and the world of work.

  • Young people taking a more active role in local Government and politics.

  • Continued work at Moor View Park which saw members gaining skills in gardening, environmental issues and community cohesion.

  • Educational trips and activities including a recent residential to London to visit iconic places, such as the Houses of Parliament, London Eye, London Dungeons, and museums.

Open access youth sessions


Open access youth work sessions are an opportunity for local young people to come along to a designated space, meet with youth workers and peer leaders and have a say in what they would like to do in centre based sessions of youth work.

We aim to offer 2 sessions weekly separated into junior and senior age groups.

Please contact us for further information on all our youth sessions and to arrange to meet.


Contact Trish, Youth & Community Service Manager on 07376922623  or email

Detached and outreach youth work

Detached youth work is all about engaging young people where they choose to meet; be it a village green, retail-park or an urban housing estate.


Detached youth workers literally enter the ‘space’ occupied by young people and engage with them on their terms and to their agenda.


Outreach work aims to engage with young people and then support them into centre or building-based provision. The key to success in both types of street work is in the positive relationships built with the young people we meet. This requires time, commitment and excellent interactive social skills.


When open access centre based sessions have not been possible the youth team at MGT have undertaken a plan of street work in our local areas. This has allowed us to make local young people aware of our project, who we are, what we can offer and supply them with a link to gaining ongoing support. It also gives us the chance to gain their views on developing youth work in the area.


Please give us a call to check when we are out and about: 07376922623 

Education, training, and personal development


We plan our youth provision to be a lot of fun, and to offer a progressive journey of experience and learning throughout.


The path to learning is as follows...

  • Young people who start with the MGA are offered ‘in-house’ training and awareness rising.

  • Many of those who have completed the first year then go on to volunteer within our other youth provision which sees them gain vital experience and an interest in youth work as a profession.​

  • The most experienced of our volunteers are then offered an ‘NVQ’ 2 or 3 equivalent course from an outside provider supported throughout by our qualified Youth Work Team and Manager.

  • This process has allowed those able to become Youth Support Workers which has in some cases led to an offer of paid work within MGT.

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